The Anklesaria approach has delivered outstanding results for clients across the automobile industry.

CASE STUDY : We helped a major US auto manufacturer eliminate defects and reduce transportation costs for transmission castings.

The Opportunity

A major US auto manufacturer came to us with a specific problem: poor packaging was having a negative effect on the quality of its transmission castings. Which led to defects in the final product. 

Our Approach

Our automotive expert worked together with the client’s R&D team, packaging engineering division and suppliers to completely redesign the packaging layout. We used custom-designed plastic moulds known as dunnage to prevent the castings from moving during transit. 

The Result

Our solution—custom-designed dunnage—prevented damage during transport and also enabled the client to ship an increased layer of castings in each truck. This led to increased transport utilization and reduced the number of trips each year. Ultimately, our efforts solved the client’s key issue and also resulted in lower carbon emissions and fuel usage. 


Paul Massih

Former Vice President, Contract and Procurement UI Shell International Exploration and Production

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Dr. Harry Markowitz

Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz Company

"Anklesaria's Aim & Drive ® book is an easy-to-read but thorough explanation of his method for ...

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