Technology in Supply Chain: What’s new?

There has been a lot of buzz lately around new technologies and how they’re going to revolutionize the way businesses operate. Impact of technology on supply chains has been at the center of attention as they have many touch points all over the world which keeps growing as the chains get bigger and more complex.

In this article, we will look at new technologies available and their potential application and weigh the benefits and risks of adapting them to increase the competitiveness of your business. Not every new technology will suit your individual business needs. Hence you should evaluate the technologies very carefully for impact, ease of implementation, and potential barriers and regulations to overcome before investing.

With this brief background, let’s dive right into the technologies you will need to keep an eye out for.


1)     Blockchain

Everyone is talking about Blockchain these days, but only few really understand it. Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger network that stores transaction information and history in every node of the network. All nodes must agree on any new data that gets added to the system and users can only read the data but not manipulate it.

A single system capable of providing enhanced transparency, greater scalability, and better security almost sounds too good to be true, but it could be. The technology, however, is still nascent and needs to gain full maturity before it can become the first choice for all features it provides. Currently there are specialized conventional systems available that can deliver individual functions of a blockchain better and cheaper. In its current state, Blockchain is very well suited for cryptocurrencies, but it is not yet the first choice for data backup, fundraisers, and very large data infrastructures. The main reason being, in a decentralized system all data lives in every node. This makes synchronization slow and expensive as it involves synchronizing the data sets in each individual node of the chain.


2)     Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is another buzzword that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. To be clear, what we are referring to as AI is not actually an independent, intelligent, conscious system, but something more along the lines of tweaked algorithms. Nonetheless, this AI bears great potential to improve supply chain processes by enhancing and even automating decision making.

Current AI solutions can already identify highly complex patterns and predict future scenarios based on analysis and statistics, but they still lack the complex decision-making abilities of humans.

To achieve widespread penetration in global supply chains, we need to see advances in combining pattern recognition capabilities with more advanced prescriptive capabilities. Only then will we see the actual benefit of AI performing critical tasks by replacing humans, allowing current supply chain professionals to dedicate more of their time and skill to strategic planning or network system designing.


3)     IoT (Internet of Things)

Is this just another buzzword? Yes and no. It depends on the application and degree of integration. Basic, nonintegrated IoT functions, such as monitoring your warehouse temperature remotely, is merely the combined use of wireless communications and sensors, and hence cannot really be called Internet of Things in the true sense of the term.

However, we do see the application of IoT in highly complex value chains like aerospace and defense, where hundreds of sensors continuously monitor and create vast amounts of data which is leveraged in the extended supply chain. For example, data about inventory levels collected by these sensors is shared with the downstream supply chain so suppliers can plan their production cycles based on upstream demand.  Further fields bearing great potential would be preventative maintenance, logistics, and demand management.

IoT will play a critical role in implementing other technologies such as smart contracts and blockchain, because it eliminates many points of failure due to human error.

The infrastructure required to transmit these vast amounts of data collected in a completely automated manner is currently being developed. Telecom companies are investing billions into 5G infrastructure and capacity which, contrary to its predecessors, besides high-frequency-high-speed cellular networks, will include special low frequency-low-energy network optimized for IoT applications. Once this infrastructure is created, it will serve as a catalyst, accelerating IoT innovation and integration.


4)     Intelligent Things

Not to be mistaken for Internet of things, intelligent things are defined as everyday objects that incorporate autonomous technology. In other words, intelligent things can respond to real world conditions automatically. They are usually part of an IoT network, but, since they can also operate offline, they deserve a section of their own here.

Some examples of intelligent things are robotics and autonomous vehicles. Current applications are limited to defined scenarios and controlled environments such as warehouses, apartments, or roads.  A major implication of intelligent things on supply chains will be that they will inevitably replace human workers performing basic tasks. They can perform complex tasks with very high accuracy and efficiency if programmed correctly.

We will see a generational shift, especially for skilled labor, where the aging workforce is not being replaced by younger talent, but by robots. Experts project that globally, around 800 Million jobs will be replaced by automation by 2030. This will allow companies to deploy their human talent to perform higher value-added tasks such as planning and strategy development as well as controlling, guiding, and developing the growing robot workforce.


5)     Conversational Systems

Also known as chatbots and VPAs (virtual personal assistants), Conversational Systems have already found their ways into many people’s everyday life. Think of an Alexa or a Siri answering basic questions and performing basic tasks such as calendar entries, navigation, or even ordering pizza on command.

Another application that is gaining popularity are chatbots that address customers once they start browsing a website. The first contact is designed to quickly categorize the customer and deliver standardized yet specific answers to basic questions which reduces the need for human customer service or sales representatives to handle 100% of customer interaction.

Another system that most of you may have encountered during a phone call with some of your trusted service providers are phone systems using a computer voice for initial caller contact to categorize the type of request more quickly and connect the caller to the appropriate service representative accordingly. This frees up valuable time and results in substantial cost savings.

Applications in supply chains are mostly limited to reducing human effort for client or supplier interaction. We do not expect these systems to fully replace humans since they will never achieve the complexity of human decision making.

These technologies will help limit the time that humans spend with non-value-add tasks and focus their efforts on higher value activities, thereby helping businesses run more efficiently.


6)     AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality)

Immersive technologies which connect us with a digital world through a sensory interface can greatly enhance digital experiences for customers and support workflow efficiency for employees.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are 2 prime examples of such immersive technologies. VR (Virtual Reality) is defined as the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.

AR (Augmented Reality) is defined as an enhanced version of reality created using technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (such as a smartphone camera)

Repair and maintenance functions in the manufacturing sector, customers using AR to make their purchasing choices etc are some of the fields where AR and VR are currently being used. An example would be to project potential furniture into your living room using your smartphone camera and display to see how the new product would blend in with the existing design.

Many of you will remember Google Glass, which was trialed for consumers in 2015 but then discontinued due to privacy concerns caused by the ability to record videos without consent. The key features of these smart glasses are that they can project real time information into the wearer’s field of vision and live stream what the wearer sees to others. While we don’t expect any large-scale launch for the consumer market in the near future, we see an increased use in certain professional operations, namely Medicare and manufacturing. It remains to be seen if, and when, smart glasses will become part of everyday life.

The impact of this technology on supply chains will be lower than, for example, that of robotics or blockchain, but it bears great potential to boost warehouse and logistics efficiency. Just imagine a warehouse worker having the ideal route through arrays of shelves mapped out for him / her to complete packing a shipment being projected into his glasses, allowing him to have both hands free for packing, scanning, and documenting.

Other possible applications are enhanced simulations to wow consumers by demonstrating potential products in a VR showroom, that can be experienced from anywhere via the internet. This would result in a reduced need for physical stores since inventory doesn’t need to be held on location anymore and can be shipped directly to the customer once purchased thus complementing the already existing ecommerce platforms.



New technologies will change global supply chains. They won’t necessarily affect the core concepts of supply and demand or volume discounts due to reduced fixed cost allocation per unit, but they will reduce the cost of supply chain management. Many functions that currently still require humans will be automated over the next decade and the need for human talent will shift to more complex roles.

Some new techs such as Conversational Systems and AR/VR are already established and find more and more adopters every day, while others may still be a few years away from commercial use.

Companies need to prepare for this shift by closely monitoring the progression of new technologies in their respective industries, learning from the experiences of early adapters, and selecting and leveraging the appropriate technology and degree of implementation based on individual needs. Quite often you will see features added that will never be used by your operations and might even make your current situation worse if you run into implementation problems. Hence, spend some time analyzing which technology is appropriate for your business, and if and where you can maximize business impact when deploying a chosen technology.

For more on the application of technology in supply chain, visit our website and be sure to follow us on Linkedin @ The Anklesaria Group .

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