We are Anklesaria.


We believe that Procurement can make a huge 
difference to your organization’s bottom line.

With over 30 years of experience in cost management 
and supply chain consulting, we apply an effective, 
common sense approach to cost management.

This is centred around understanding costs and then 
managing those costs, while building trust and 
effective relationships with suppliers.



We are on your team. 


We've delivered breakthrough cost management solutions for
Fortune 500 companies across industries and countries around the world. And we do this by working as an extended part of your team. We work shoulder to shoulder with your team, training them on the job for exceptional returns.





“The Anklesaria team continues to demonstrate how additional value can be found using their tools and processes on an individual contract or at an overall category level. I have experienced their ability to handle every type of project from basic industry cost models to complex TCO models to contract value optimizations at two major companies in the Oil & Gas industry. We found their teacher/coach approach essential in obtaining internal buy-in and making their tools and processes part of our DNA.”
Paul Massih

Former Vice President, Contract and Procurement UI
Shell International Exploration and Production

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Bridging the knowledge gap on
the cost of marine seismic projects

A leading oil & gas company gets clarity on their daily spend for marine
seismic acquisition activities.






Our track record of
delivering real value:


From mining to retail, from oil & gas to healthcare, we've worked together with a diverse set of clients across industries and verticals. For over three decades, we have helped our clients develop expertise for a sustained competitive advantage.We've delivered double digit improvements in spend base and ROI measured in orders of magnitude and not fee multiples.

We've helped a major Oil & Gas operator shorten their procurement lead time from 24 months to 8 months and reduce supplier prices by 21%. We used our AIM & DRIVE® cost challenge to save $35 million on a major ad campaign for a global computer manufacturer. We helped reduce component costs for a leading mobile phone manufacturer by 74% in just 12 months. And we can do the same for you.


Years of training programs aimed at adopting strategic and sustainable approaches to cost management


Clients worldwide who have relied on Anklesaria.




A competitive advantage for
long-term results.

Most consulting firms give you one-time solutions- we transfer knowledge
for long-term sustained value.

All our clients also gain Anklesaria mentors for life. We're there right
when you need us, wherever you need us.