AIM&DRIVE® Total Cost Solution 3.0 goes beyond leveraging volumes, cost modeling and lean or six-sigma to “LEVERAGING IDEAS” to deliver break-through cost savings.

33+ Years

120+ Customers

12%+ Cost savings

AIM&DRIVE® has delivered billions of dollars and double-digit percentage cost savings to F-500 companies worldwide yielding 1000%+ ROI


Anklesaria's total cost solution 3.0

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

$1 Billion+

Cost Savings over 3 years at a global computer manufacturer

800 Million+

Cost Savings in 2 years at a leading mobile-phone manufacturer

$1 Billion+

Cost Savings over 3 years at a major Oil and Gas producer


Reduction in supplier prices at a major Oil & Gas operator


Reduction in component costs in 12 months at a leading mobile-phone manufacturer


Reduction in procurement lead time from 24 months to 8 months at an Oil & Gas Operator


Customer-Supplier Cost Challenges

Cost Models across multiple industries and geographies

Billions in Cost Savings

Average Cost Saving

Average Revenue Uplift

Average ROI

What our Customers are Saying

“ANKLESARIA’s team continues to demonstrate how additional value can be found using their tools and processes on an individual contract or at an overall category level. I have experienced their ability to handle every type of project from basic industry cost models to complex TCO models to implementing AIM&DRIVE® at three major companies in the Oil & Gas industry. We found their teacher/coach approach essential in obtaining internal buy-in and making their tools and processes part of our DNA“

-Paul Massih, Former SVP Contract and Procurement, Shell E&P, Chevron and BP

"We have been successfully applying ANKLESARIA’s “Should cost” methodology with several of our suppliers during our current new contract negotiations and my team has simply been pumped-up with the insight, information and success thus far. With your great help, we have taught some of my people “how to fish” and seeing them energized by this work is so gratifying to me. Thanks again for working with us.“

V.P. Strategic Sourcing, A Major Beverage Company

“It has been a pleasure dealing with ANKLESARIA. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and accommodating. I have confidence in their abilities, therefore, trusted their opinions to focus in the areas they identified as opportunities in order to move the team to the next level. They have the drive and dedication to complete deliverables to the customer’s satisfaction.“

- Jan Brown, Former Director, Commodity Competitive Advantage, Motorola

“ANKLESARIA was a valued partner in the change management at LG Electronics. AIM&DRIVE® became part of our culture and our commitment to lower our costs through a ‘win-win' approach with our suppliers. The in-depth tools, techniques and teachings of ANKLESARIA helped LG save millions of dollars more and fundamentally changed how effectively we do Procurement. Jimmy Anklesaria is the best teacher of cost management in the world. Period.”

-Tom Linton, Former Executive Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer, LG Electronics & Flex

“ANKLESARIA provides a combination of tools, training, and process that brings maximum value to the entire supply chain, regardless of industry. I truly appreciate their “teaching/coaching” approach that allows a team to learn and then leverage that knowledge across a wide area of their business. It is the best return on investment I have found.”

- Steve Kesinger, Former Vice President, Procurement, Nordstrom

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